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How Children Can Learn To Write Poetry In Six Steps

How Children Can Learn To Write Poetry In Six Steps

Instead, he supervised their piety from afar. Their respective owners could make them their sex slaves, give them away as gifts, sell them to other militias, or set them free. After their conversion, Hafeezo brought them black abayas and niqabs, loose garments some Muslim women wear to cover themselves. All of the Egyptians shouted the words in unison. They asked those who claimed to be Muslims to recite the Shahada, a pledge to worship only Allah. He kept his distance and refused to make eye contact.

They separated Muslims from Christians and, then, men from women. They prayed for the dozens they had left behind. In the end, it took the women 12 hours to get to Bani Walid. There, they shucked off their niqabs and cried with joy. As promised, the Eritrean smuggler paid for their escape and took them to a holding cell. That way, he promised, they may be freed to find a husband among the militants. (Gebrekidan reported from Ulm and Hanover, Germany; Catania and Rome, Italy; and Hllsta, Fur and Vetlanda, Sweden; Additional reporting by Patrick Markey and Aidan Lewis in Sirte, Libya; Ali Al-Shouky in Marsa Matrouh, Egypt; and Jonathan Landay in Washington; Edited by Alessandra Galloni) "You are now []sabaya,[]" Hafeezo told Kidane, using the archaic term for slave.

Hafeezo helped the women navigate their new life in captivity. They may even be allowed to call home. He counseled them to forget their past lives and embrace Islam. The gunmen ordered the migrants off the truck. Kidane befriended one of the guards, Hafeezo, a Tunisian mechanic turned jihadist in his early 30s. The fighters then enslaved, raped, sold or exchanged at least 63 captive women, nine of whom described their ordeal in detail to Reuters. It is the same blueprint of abuse it employed on Yazidi women in Syria and Iraq.

Their stories comprise the first corroborated account of how Islamic State turns refugee women into sex slaves using them as human currency to attract and reward fighters in Libya. In September, after three months of captivity, she converted to Islam and took on a Muslim name, Rima. Fisehaye succumbed first. He brought them groceries and relayed their demands to his superiors in Sirte. (Reuters) - On the night of June 2, 2015, gunmen blocked a highway on Libya's northern coast and stopped a white truck speeding toward Tripoli, the capital.

The men trained their assault rifles on the driver. Reuters spoke to the refugees in three European countries over four months. Her conversion had a domino effect across the compound; Kidane and the others followed suit a month later. Reuters was unable to reach the Islamic State fighters in Libya or independently corroborate certain aspects of the women's accounts.

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