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Driving Clear Business Value From Your Email Database

Driving Clear Business Value From Your Email Database

Increase Sales Revenue
Unlike other forms of traditional marketing that follow hit and miss tactics, email databases offer direct access to existing and potential customers.
A well-managed email database is by far the best (and possibly the only) way to boost sales without risking budget waste because it appeals to consumers who have already opted in to receive marketing information from you. And because you are able to clearly identify their preferences and demographics, you may customise your messages accordingly, and target specific customers who are more receptive to them - a result of which can only mean increased sales.

Increased ROI
Whether you're building your own database or you're renting one (a combination of both is ideal), marketing to an email database is hands down the most effective means to maximise return on investment. There's simply no other form of marketing media that can deliver such high response rates relative to the cost required to generate them.

Greater Brand Awareness
Because your email database allows you to establish regular contact with consumers and customers, it helps stimulate brand recognition and reinforces brand awareness - both of which are critical to the success of any company. Furthermore, due to the personalised nature of email, this process is achieved far more efficiently in terms of cost and time.

Increased Customer Lifetime
As a result of increased brand awareness, marketing to your database will stimulate brand loyalty. And because email marketing allows you to create a one-to-one relationship with your customers, you are better equipped to keep them hooked on your messages. Ultimately, the longer they are exposed to your messages the more they are going to spend on your product.

Greater Customer Reach
Email is viral; it can be passed on from person to person. Your database is not a static entity but rather a dynamic one that has the potential to expand with time. If your marketing efforts are correctly performed your sales will reflect your growing database, and vice versa.
Your database, then, is not only your greatest asset, but also your greatest investment.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
The success of any business relies on its ability to meet and exceed customer expectations; and because email is a two-way communication channel, it permits customers to provide you with vital feedback that may enable you to improve your product or service.
Improve your product - improve your bottom line.
Competitive Edge
Once you've established a positive relationship with your customers, and their loyalty sits firmly with you, they have no reason to look elsewhere and are more likely to refer their friends and colleagues to you - both of which increase sales and put you ahead of your competitors.

As simple as email may seem, it is the most popular medium used by consumers. Sure, conventional media still have their place in marketing, but they are losing momentum as the years roll by - you need only look at declining newspaper and magazine sales to truly appreciate this fact.
Leading companies have grasped this reality with both hands and you should do the same, especially if you wish to keep ahead of your competitors. And you needn't fret if you have yet to acquire a database; so long as you get the ball rolling you will reap the rewards in due course.

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